Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nancy Drew Themed Party

Katlyn wanted a Nancy Drew Party for her 8th birthday. She had become involved in reading the series that school year and fell in love with the mystery diva. Obviously there is nothing out there for a Nancy Drew Party, how was I gonna pull this off? For her party I decided to take pictures of each girl as she arrived and printed thumbnail pics of each person. The girls got to make a detective badge with their picture and decorate a detective notebook. We had mystery clue scavenger hunt. Someone had stolen the birthday girl's present and they were sent on a mission to find it with each clue leading to the next. The girls had lots of fun with this. The eventually were sent down the trail through the woods to the grandparents house next door to retrieve the gift. We wanted to be prim and proper like Miss Nancy so we had a fruit bouquet, sherbet punch, and veggie tray for treats in addition to the cake. It didn't cost much to put it together just a little creativity and we had lots of fun.

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