Tuesday, July 13, 2010

High School Musical Party

2008 was a busy spring for us and with 2 kids' birthdays only a month a part. I decided to combine one party in the middle. Only problem was I had a boy and girl to share the party. This was at the height of High School Musical Fever. Both of my kids at 5 and 7 loved singing the songs. There was a church that owned the old skating ring and they rented it out for private parties. I rented the rink which proved to be a perfect setting for a HSM bash. I bought sound tracks from the first 2 movies and the kids had a blast skating to the tunes. For Katlyn I made a wildcat cake. For Derek I focused on the basketball aspect of the movies and made him a coordinating basketball cake. We used mini popcorn boxes for treat sacks and I used dollar cheer megaphones with balloons as table centerpieces. We are friends with so many people who have kids that Katlyn and Derek are both friends with. This proved to be a huge success and was lots of fun for the whole family. It was funny finding out which parents were the skating divas back in the day...lol

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